Here are a Few of Many Stories

I remember a particular patient I serenaded. He was quite old, ensconced in bed covers up to his neck, eyes closed. His bed was surrounded by family members. I tried to choose a song from his era that was soft and soothing and decided on Goodnight Irene.

Halfway through the chorus his right arm rose from under the covers and began moving in time to the music. He was conducting me. Beside me, his daughter whispered, ‘that was my mothers name.’

One patient derived immense pleasure and pride in having her son who usually sings in Las Vegas and on cruise ships, perform for her and other patients and families at Hospice. She was beaming with happiness throughout the performance and said to the assembled audience, “See, I told you! I told you he was great.”

Patients chairs were rolled into the commons room as family members carefully stationed themselves near the beds and wheelchairs of loved one’s. One woman tenderly held her mother’s hand, another gently stroked her husband’s head. Jesse Hameen and his band began playing, and the patients, their families and the hospice staff began to feel the beat of life through the music. As the music ended one of the patients said, “I’ve never been exposed to Jazz music before in my life, and I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for inviting me.”

Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul & Mary, is a committed supporter of Connecticut Hospice, performing regularly for patients and families. watch>
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