Easing Pain with Arts

Bob Jacobs' Book Perspective Helped Inspire the Founding of Arts at Hospice.

The act of creating can transform a dying person’s bedside into a “living” and “working” environment, where the patient can be active, doing and giving, instead of only receiving. The arts can generate action in spite of the physical inactivity or limitations set by the illness.

Dying patients and their families can make new memories together when they create or appreciate art or music together. When they share this creation they create an important, lasting memory of precious time shared. When children visit hospice and have positive experiences with art and music, they carry a better memory of the place they would otherwise associate with the death of a loved one.

Dying persons can find means to express their inner feelings, sometimes unresolved, or to express for family and friends.

For those hospices that already have an arts program your donation or participation can support their efforts. For those without an arts program, we work diligently to help them formulate and execute an effective approach.
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