Doing Good in the Community >
Arts in Healthcare is dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of the arts at key moments in their lives. They integrate performing and visual arts and design, into a wide variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational and expressive purposes >
The Arts And Healing Network site is an on-line resource celebrating the connection between arts and healing. Great archives going back to 2001 covers all aspects of arts in the palliative care field.
Innovative arts program with a consortium of storytellers, writers, directors, dancers, actors and musicians who use their skills to promote well-being amongst all people especially across international borders. >
A great site with a “Grief & Loss” section helping ease the pain for loved one’s.
Especially good “your Story” section.
Brent Atwater, originator of Paintings That Heal™, medical intuitive, distance energy healer is the first artist in the USA and one of only a few in the world that is a pioneer in art for healing, art for health and transformative healing arts and art medicine by actually having the healing energies and healing benefits of Paintings That Heal & Healing Art for Children scientifically and alternatively tested, researched and documented. This eliminates the "belief" that the paintings are healing, and
   documents the FACT that the Paintings are healing facilitators. >
This organization works in many settings where people deal with personal and communal pain and the search for growth. As poetry therapists, they use all forms of literature and the language arts, and are united by their love of words, and passion for enhancing the lives of others and ourselves.
Deidre’s fiber work focuses on the universal issues of age and mortality. By honoring the framework of aging and seeing death as a natural part of life, herr figurative images lift the invisibility that surrounds these subjects. This work starts a dialogue that is essential to our times and supportive to all who are working or living in the field of great age.
We thank Deidre for allowing us to use her “Hands Joined” thread on fabric composition on our CD Loving Words >
This Canadian organization is dedicated to bringing the healing power of art and art education to hospitals, hospices and shelters and to improving the welfare of those participating in the healing process as healthcare givers and as patients.
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