Dear Friends,

I’ve learned quite a lot about life, and death, since I began strumming and singing for hospice patients several years ago. It’s difficult to explain the feeling of joy when a patient sheds a tear, reaches for your
Peter Tracy, Arts at Hospice Founder
hand and whispers, “That’s so beautiful. I will always remember you.” Or, as D.W. Ditty, a Connecticut volunteer explained, “I almost feel guilty for feeling so good, when I'm singing to hospice patients.” And as John Shannon Jr. recalls, “When you can ease human pain with some of your music, that’s a pretty exalted calling.” I can’t tell you the number of families who have taken me aside and explained what that song from the 50’s meant to their loved ones. Read some of Bob Jacob’s award winning poetry about his hospice visits or check out the Loving Words music. You’ll experience tears of joy along with some sorrow. If you’re an artist or musician here’s the place to hone your skills and share with others an important resource.

Peter Tracy
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